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  Groups and Shape Properties

Once the shapes are combined to create a bigger shape, we can group them so every time that we select them we do it as a whole.

To do so we can select all the shapes and use the shortcut ⌘ + G.

Sketch helps you align the shapes in your art board easily by clicking in the tools in the upper right side of the app. Feel free to explore them and try different compositions.

The Properties menu is going to be displayed in the right side of the app every time you click on a shape. This menu allows you to modify different characteristics of en element, such as fill colors, borders, opacity and more. To change, for example, the color of our shape, click on it, click then in the fill rectangle button and choose the eyedropper icon to be able to choose a pixel’s color. That way we will make sure to choose exactly the same color as the one used in the Skype’s icon.

Tip: Notice that you can see the elements that are present in the art board and in each group organized in a large banner in the left side of the app. You can use this banner to select individually parts from a group or to arrange the elements order.